Canary home security device gives you the ability to see what’s transpiring at your home at any given moment. This smart home security system stylish design takes only a few minutes to setup, even for the first timer.

One of the smartest systems, and yet, it is surprisingly simple and easy to operate. Rated best in the marketplace, because, Canary’s wide angle lens combine with 1080p high definition digital zoom makes this security device video quality exceptional.

This is what the folks at said about the new Canary home security device

Eying Nest, Canary Launches An Outdoor Security Camera Aimed At Businesses

canary-all-in-one-home-security-device-whiteWhen Canary’s cylindrical home security tower launched as an Indiegogo project in 2013, it received a rosy reception. Now the company is launching a new slickly designed wireless outdoor security camera called the Canary Flex.

The announcement comes months after Nest debuted its own $199 outside camera. While Canary’s new product may look like a tagalong, founder Adam Sager says his company had been working on the Flex for years before he knew about the latest addition to the Nest family. Canary has been called a formidable competitor to Nest, but up until today there hasn’t been much differentiating the two products in the eyes of many reviewers. To pull itself out of Nest’s shadow, the company is focusing intently on security, rather than on being a more general-purpose internet-connected webcam.

Both Nest and Canary currently offer a similar amount of free access to video viewing. Their subscription services, which let customers rewind through stored video for a fee, are likewise also comparable. But Canary’s new product and services scheme could give it the extra oomph it needs to stand up against the Nest Cam.

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canary home security device

With the use of Canary’s free app, family members and friends look out for each other by shared access. You can monitor what is going on inside or outside your home or apartment anytime you want. Live! Using built-in night vision sensors, Canary all-in-one home security device illuminates the night in vivid clarity.