xmartO HD Wireless Security Camera System

xmartO WVS1044 4CH 720p HD Wireless Security Camera System manufacturer choice of features to design into their product to make it user friendly all the way. However, this xmartO HD Wireless Security Camera System is a product that stands apart from the crowd. #* Now people who know, buy xmartO HD Wireless Security Camera System for performance, quality, ease of use and capacious storage. **= It's a given, xmartO WVS1044 4CH 720p HD Wireless Security Camera system is an attractive-looking thing. It features NVR with built-in router, 4x 720p HD outdoor night vision wireless cameras and stable WiFi connection. Wifi has an operating distance of 1000 ft in open area and 200 ft with obstruction. The xmartO software interface is simple and fun to operate. All the menus are exactly the way you would intuitively want them.

xmartO HD Wireless Security Camera System Features

So easy to setup, home owners select wireless systems over wired three times over

xmartO Security Camera
xmartO 4CH HD Wireless Camera gives you some pretty top class 720p high definition video shooting, 4x digital zoom and a powerful sensor puts out beautiful pictures. The reason for those vivid videos and pictures are the double camera lens. 4mm lens better details 2.8mm lens has wide angle.

xmarto Wireless Security Camera

xmarto Camera System
Go to any well-stocked outdoor camera department at an electronics store and you're likely happily overwhelmed by the dozens of the best wireless outdoor security camera system at every price point and for every kind of demand. xmartO HD Wireless System surprisingly smart

xmarto Wireless Camera System

Wireless Security Camera System
There is something to be said about the xmartO Wireless Security Camera System. However, when it comes from friends and family pay attention. When someone says they liked the xmartO, and you know they like the same things you do, it's good. xmartO Camera System packs a punch.

xmartO Wireless Security Camera System

xmarto wireless security camera system with night vision The great thing about shopping at amazom.com is that you take your time and look through their huge inventory and without hounded by a salesperson. Because, getting a discounted xmarto wireless security camera system with night vision is a great way to save a ton of money. 

In addition, owners use the best wireless outdoor security camera system comes as part of the home design. As a result, it adds to the ambience outside the home in a stylish kind of way. However, xmartO security camera system is to the point and easy to follow.

xmartO HD Wireless Security Camera System Product Description

xmarto wireless security camera system and installation
 4CH 720p(1280*720) HD NVR with built-in router
 VGA & HDMI outputs up to 1080p
 25fps/CH real time video, 4 channels sync-playback
 Supports Manual, Time schedule and Motion recording
 Backup easily with USB port
 Support 3.5"SATA HDD up to 4TB
 Motion detection email alerts and video mask
 Embedded GUI with USB mouse navigation for easy setup & operation
 View camera footage from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer
 Supports view recorded footage in HDD from your mobile device
 4x digital zoom

 720p(1280 x 720) high definition
 2x 2.8mm lens and 2x 4mm lens cameras to better fit your security needs. 2.8mm lens allows you to see wider while 4mm lens allows you to see further & better details
 6 infrared LED arrays, IR distance up to 100ft
 Camera is solidly well made with IP66 weatherproof, metal housing allows you to install the cameras anywhere indoors or out
 WiFi: 802.11b/g/n
 Working Temperature: -4°F-140°Fxmarto hd wireless security camera system

Package Includes

 1-1x 4 Channel 720p HD NVR
 2-4x Wireless 720p HD Weatherproof Night Vision IP Cameras
 3-1x 12V 2A Power Adapter for NVR
 4-4x 12V 1A Power Adapters for Cameras
 5-1x 3ft Network Cable
 6-1x Mouse
 7-1x User Guide

Real Customer Reviews

Finding complaints and glowing reviews is the norm. However, you bet their complaints are real.

There is a big difference between a public relations spin and something written by someone who just wanted to share their outdoor camera system review with the world. The retailers enlist professional reviewers and, in addition, pay them big money to review their products. However, and because of social media, customers voiced their their reviews too.

Here are a few reviews from the customers concerning the xmarto HD Wireless Security Camera System. A man claimed it was easy to setup. These are his exact words "It was so easy to set up I will never buy another wired unit. From start to finish it was 40 minuets. That includes installing a hard drive in the unit." Simply, because, xmarto makes customers happy.

As usual, this product displeases some people

A lady said this and I quote "The system has NO AUDIO and says it no where...if you are expecting AUDIO along with VIDEO DO NOT BUY THIS SYSTEM. Otherwise it connects up easily. I should have researched more."

Last but not least, advise from customer. "its a good system. There are a few technical problems that you'll need to email tech support. To view from the app you have to have an Ethernet cord plugged into your router." If you take security outside your home seriously, then get the xmarto HD Wireless Security Camera System.